How To Get Your Generosity Bragged About

You wouldn’t endanger yourself to wash your own windows off your second story home, would you? Why then would you let your friends, loved ones or your own mother risk injury just to bring some brightness into their house? Why not do the unusual and make them a gift of clean windows instead? Why not do it for Mother’s Day?

granny window cleaning

Have your mother’s windows cleaned by an expert. Surprise her with this unusual gift!

Are you out of gift ideas for a housewarming, a birthday to someone advanced in age or for your mother’s special day? Then you need think no more.

Why go visit mom to help her wash her windows, when instead the two of you could spend valuable time together, enjoying the sun shining through her bright, newly cleaned windows, while someone else completes the dirty work thanks to you?

It’s convenient. It’s easy. It’s safe. You get the credit.

This is a unique gift idea that beats any gift basket!

Your gift of clean windows for your mom, friend or special colleague opens up their eyes to your thoughtful generosity and exceptional consideration of their needs.

  • Is your friend having some important company over?
  • Is one of your new clients throwing a house warming party?
  • Are your parents no longer able to keep up with the house?
  • Is your relative staging a house for sale?
  • Is your sweetheart fed up of looking at that greasy spot high up by the window frame?

Make their place sparkle! Pick one of the two convenient service packages below and give me a call today! Why wait to endear yourself to those who will have nothing but admiration and gratitude for your thoughtful giving? This gift is affordable and without compare.

window cleaning serviceAll you need to do is print the special coupon that suits your needs accessible to you below, and call me to tell me who in the East Bay you want to give your gift to. You’ll receive a special code from me to activate the coupon.

Then give the coupon to your relative or loved one and have them call me to redeem it.

I will schedule a convenient time to visit your family or friend to do the windows as agreed and collect the coupon with a signature of satisfaction from your friend or family.

Once your loved one is happy with my service, I will call you to let you know that the job is done and that you can verify my work with your friend or family.


Only until you’re satisfied will you pay for my service
and not a minute sooner!

If neither you nor your friend are satisfied with my service, then the job is for FREE!

What more could you ask for?

happy window cleaning coupleYou get the convenience of saving those you care about some serious time, labor even their necks when having to climb a ladder to do their own windows. They get sparkling clean window panes to refresh their own homes with clear sunlight. And you get the satisfaction of looking like a champ, all at no risk to you or your friend.

So, select a package below and give me a call. Let’s plan your surprise gift and make you a star! It’s as easy as a 5-minute conversation. And the job’s FREE if you’re not happy with the results!


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To get a “Pay When Satisfied” $99 Gift Certificate and give a Mother’s Day gift of no less than 20 and up to 30 window panes cleaned on the outside onlyClick Here


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