Some Of The Dirtiest Windows I’ve Cleaned Makes For A Happy Client

by Alexis Munoz on August 30, 2011

I recently got a call from a realtor who was referred to me by a client of mine. The realtor is selling a 2-story house in the Oakland hills.

She was concerned about the appearance of the windows because they looked like they hadn’t been cleaned since the house was built. Obviously she was desperate to get the windows washed before any prospective buyers visited the home.

The main windows overlooking the lovely tree covered backyard had layer upon layer of dirt caked on them. The view and sunlight was totally obstructed by the years of filth that had developed on the windows. The dirt was so stuck to the windows that a normal cleaning barely made any headway in clearing away the grime. So pulling out my special cleaning solution I went at those windows with squeegee and mop, and the results can be seen below.

Although these windows were some of the toughest I’ve encountered yet, it was worth my client loving the transformation :)

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