Seeing Is Believing!

Ever ask yourself whether the guys you hire to clean out your gutters are actually doing the work right?

Do questions like, “Maybe they won’t clean out my gutters completely?” or “What if they don’t even clean out my gutters?” enter your mind?

For all you know you could be hiring a bunch of sunbathers looking for a roof to get a good tan…

How will you know what they’ve done without climbing your roof and seeing the gutters yourself? What a hassle!

Why go through all this worry and hassle? With Five or Free you’ll always get before & after pictures taken of your gutters. Whether your gutters are 10, 20, or 30 feet above ground, you get to see them BEFORE and AFTER they’re clean.

This way you can rest assured that the cleaning is done completely to your satisfaction, and you aren’t left wondering whether your gutters will overflow during the next rainstorm.

You can see some before and after of cleanings we’ve done for some of our recent customers:



All the other Yelp reviews were spot on. Dependable, responsive, careful, thorough and pleasant. We had skylights, skylight screens and gutters done. Got photos of the gutters that are too high to inspect. Underlying message was continually, “How can we reassure you?” Five or Free has earned our trust.

– Richard Jepsen
Alameda, CA
Yelp Review

Recently I had Alexis clean my gutters. I wanted it done before all the rain started. Wow!! What a difference. He emailed me before and after pictures and I couldn’t believe how much debris was in my gutters. They are debris-free now and Alexis did an awesome job!!! I will definitely call him every year to have my gutters cleaned before the rainy season.

I would absolutely recommend Alexis and Five or Free’s services! You won’t be disappointed!!

– Susan Freitas
Union City, CA
Yelp Review

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