When Was The Last Time You Got $100
For Referring Business To A Friend?
How About $400?


Miguel, if at Le Tip you got used to handing out at least 4 business leads to different friends per month only to make — and not even that consistently — no more than $100 a month on average from your efforts, then how would you like to make a cool $100 with each and every lead that you send my way each and every time your lead turns into business for me?

Isn’t it about time you got paid for referrals?

$400? $500? $700 per month?

It’s only too possible. How?

Starting this April I’m giving my former Le Tip contacts an exclusive opportunity to make $100 per tip in straight, cool cash! 1 good tip = 1 straight payout worth no less than $100 in cash for you. No max on the cash you can make. Give me a good tip, you get cash, plain and simple.

  • No need to get up early to hand it over to me.
  • No need to sit for 90 minutes waiting to pass it over to me with no guarantee of getting anything in return.
  • No shipload of rules to keep you away from plain, easy cash.

If you get a tip for me, you get money for it. Period.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply refer a friend, neighbor, customer or colleague to my Spring Window Cleaning Package. (See link below.)
  2. Point as few or as many contacts as you like to this Spring cleaning offer using the flyer or email link below.
  3. Regardless of how many of them buy my package, you get $100 cash for every purchase. It’s that simple. You can make at least $100 and certainly far more than that, with a little help from your friends!

Make extra cash easily doing what comes natural to you as someone already in the habit of referring business to a fellow business owner.

But, Miguel, this Special Spring Time Referral Bonus Offer for my former Le Tip colleagues ends April 30, when my referral rates return to their average $30 per referral. So don’t pass up this great opportunity to make 3 times that much for the same effort. Plus your friends, relatives, neighbors, customers or colleagues can save 15% off my listed price this Spring! They’ll love their sparkling clean windows and will have you to thank for.

Tell them about this special Spring Window Cleaning Special, have them reference your unique promotional code located on the flyer below when they call me. I’ll know to send you a check immediately after I’m done cleaning their windows.

Refer me today! Please click on the flyer image below to open a print version of my discounted package to pass to your contacts. Or click on the link below to send it to them via email.

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