When Was The Last Time You Made 25% Commission For Passing On A Good Deal To One Of Your Customers?


Isn’t it about time you got paid good money for making a referral?

$300? $500? $700 per month?

It’s only too possible. How?

I offer a unique service that removes scratches and acid etch graffiti from windows at a fraction of the cost of replacing the window. I’ve saved my clients thousands of dollars in window replacement costs. I’ve saved them a ton of inconvenience and headaches. And I’ve restored their damaged windows to near perfect condition. They love this service. And you can benefit from their delight!

(To learn more in detail about my service and read some testimonials, please see some of my work by visiting my Graffiti Scratch Removal Page.)

How Can You Benefit?

This April I’m giving you, from one window cleaner to another, the opportunity to make 25% commission in straight, cool cash for every one of your referrals who uses my Glass Scratch & Acid Etch Removal Service.

1 buying referral = 1 straight payout worth no less than 25% of the price of the job. No max on the cash you can make.

Give me a buying referral and you get cash, plain and simple.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply refer a customer to my Glass Scratch & Acid Etch Removal Service. (See link below.)
  2. Point as few or as many contacts as you like to my service using the flyer or email link below.
  3. Ask your referrals to mention your unique referral code located on the flyer below when they call me.
  4. Regardless of how many of them buy my service, you get 25% of the sale price for every purchase. It’s that simple.

An average glass scratch removal job is worth $360. That means one referral can earn you $90 in cash.

The larger the job, the more cash you make. One buying referral per week can easily make you over $350 in a month for just recommending my service to a few of your customers!

But this Special Referral Bonus Offer ends April 30th. After April 30th my referral rate returns to an average 10% commission per referral. So don’t pass up this great opportunity to make 2.5 times more for the same effort this April.

Plus your customers will be indebted to you for helping them restore their business’ good image with scratch-free windows, and saving them thousands in window replacement costs.

Tell your customers about my Glass Scratch & Acid Etch Removal Service. Just ask them to reference your unique referral code when they call me. I’ll know then to send you a check immediately after I’m done repairing their windows.

Refer me today! Please click on the flyer image below to open a print version of my flyer to pass to your contacts. Or click on the link below to send it to them via email.

Serving the East Bay cities of Alameda, Alamo, Albany, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Danville, Diablo, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Lafayette, Newark, Oakland, Orinda, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, San Ramon, Union City, Walnut Creek