Local Window Cleaners Deserve Some Respect

by Alexis Munoz on July 11, 2012

Here in the East Bay, particularly the Hayward-Oakland-Berkeley corridor, you get to meet a wide variety of window cleaners. Some professional, others, well, let us say they’re a bit more picturesque. But when it comes to getting the window cleaning job done right, you need to hand it to those who take their job seriously.

Window cleaning goes as far back as windows have been in existence. And the challenge grew along with the height of the buildings. Some of us take our job just as seriously as any professional, and it shows. It pays to be a reliable, trustworthy, quality-focused, detail-oriented window cleaner. It takes work to be so – hard work.

So next time you see that local wino with his Windex bottle in one hand and a shredded roll of newsprint dangling from his soiled back pocket walk into your storefront asking whether he could do your windows for a buck – only to leave grease and dirt smudged all over them – ask yourself “Who am I here to do the best for, my customers or this wino?”

Then hire the professional. Our trade takes us back a while and it takes guts for us to do our job well.

For proof, check this out.

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