To Store Owners Who Want To Remove
Graffiti Scratched Windows –
Restore Your Glass To Like New Condition
With The Least Cost, Least Headaches,
Least Time, And Least Effort For You. Guaranteed!

Stop staring at the scratches on your glass. Either we repair your scratched glass to like new condition, or we’ll pay to have your scratched glass replaced!

With our revolutionary glass scratch removal system…

  • You’ll save 40% to 70% off the cost of replacing your glass by having us repair it instead.
  • You will not have to deal with all the hassles of replacing your window – like waiting days or weeks for the glass to arrive, closing off a portion of your store while the glass is installed, moving your merchandise and displays away from the window, having huge sheets of glass being removed and replaced during store hours.
  • You’ll show customers you care about safety by removing from your window the negative vibe graffiti puts in their mind.
  • You’ll restore your attractive storefront for passersby to enjoy without the distraction of ugly scratches.

You can do all this for only a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire glass. Call today to schedule a free quote on repairing your scratched glass – 510-927-4031

AND you get all this risk free because we provide you with three solid guarantees to protect you. See below.

Our Guarantees To You

  1. You will always be left with a scratch free window.
    We will either repair the damage and leave your window flawless, or if we can’t leave your glass repaired to your satisfaction, we will pay to have the glass replaced for you.
  2. You will always save at least 40% – 70% off the cost of replacement.
    Our pricing is based entirely on the cost of replacement. You shouldn’t have to pay anywhere near the cost of replacing your glass to have it repaired, and that’s why we’ll never charge you more than 60% of the cost of replacing the window.
  3. You will not be left high and dry if your glass is rescratched.
    Though the likelihood of your window being scratched again after your repair is very slim, we’ll be there to cover you if it does happen. If within 1 week of your window being repaired, you get scratched again, give us a call ASAP and we’ll be out there to repair your window again at no cost to you.

    PLUS you have the option of having us apply our SPECIAL ANTI-SCRATCH PROTECTION SOLUTION to your glass and keep your glass protected from scratches indefinitely!

    See below for more on this SPECIAL ANTI-SCRATCH PROTECTION Solution.

What If My Money Is Wasted Because Someone Just Comes Back And Scratches My Window All Over Again?

No need to worry about scratches again!

We can apply a revolutionary new solution called HardCoat 2G to your glass, that forms a barrier of protection on your glass making it practically impossible for anyone to scratch your glass again. And the solution is completely invisible. Your window will be protected against:

  • Scratches From Rocks
  • Scratches From Knives
  • Scratches From Razors
  • Scratches From Keys
  • Scratches From Concrete
  • Scratches From Screwdrivers
  • Scratches From Granite
  • Scratches From Glass

The only items found to be able to cut through HardCoat 2G are diamonds or carbide steel glass cutters. Both of which are extremely unlikely to be used by vandals to scratch glass.

This is no a gimmick.

In fact we believe whole heartedly that your glass will stay permanently immune to scratches with HardCoat 2G, that we back it up with a “Scratch Free Guarantee” to you:

  • If after applying HardCoat 2G to your repaired window, your glass is scratched again by vandals anytime within 10 years, we’ll return and repair your glass for free!

Now you have a risk-free way to get the scratches off your window all while savings hundreds over replacement cost, and also not have to concern yourself about ever having scratches on your window again.

Hear About The Benefits Of Using Our Glass Repair Service From Our Own Customers’ Mouths

Alexis saved me from having to replace my scratched windows, and he saved me half the cost of replacement windows! The windows look great. And I didn’t have to be concerned about his work ethic or punctuality because he was always on time and there when he said he would be. I absolutely recommend Alexis. And I’ve already passed his name to my colleague.

Fred Hill
Hill & Dorband Partnership
Lafayette, California

Repairing the scratched window was painless compared to the cost of replacing the entire window. Alexis saved me the hassle of replacing the window, the time involved ordering a new window and then waiting for it to arrive. I’m very satisfied with his service. The staff at the office was impressed with how the window turned out.

I definitely would recommend Alexis. I think his scratch removal service is especially good for businesses that can’t afford replacing huge windows. Usually they just leave their windows scratched. They don’t do anything. His solution definitely gives them an affordable option to make sure their business looks presentable.

Sherwin Lomboy
H&R Block
Oakland, California

Our glass restoration system, unlike any other, will restore your badly damaged windows back to their original condition, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

You’ll end up with clear, clean, distortion-free repaired windows. Just like new! But without paying an arm and a leg for it. And if we can’t satisfy you with our repair, we’ll replace the glass at our own cost.

We use no toxic chemicals. We leave no mess, no hazardous materials for your customers to trip over. We have minimal if any impact on your window displays, which isn’t something you can say for any window replacement crew working your store. In fact, almost like a billboard, we attract foot traffic to your storefront window because of the good care that you’re giving to your store with our service.

And, besides, after removing the graffiti damage, we can also wash your windows, leaving them sparkling!

But in order for you to get started on the process of repairing your scratched window, you need to call us for a free scratch removal estimate – 510-927-4031

Call us today and we’ll get a technician out to review your scratches and let you know how much you’ll save by having us get rid of those ugly scratches from your window, and restore a clean, professional look to your store.


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