$15.00 Amazon Card Is Yours
With Your Free Window Cleaning Quote

I’ll have your Amazon card in my hand to give to you when I show up at your door to provide you with your quote.

If you realize you’d rather go with another window cleaner, then just toss my quote in the trash and enjoy your $15.00 Amazon card on me.

There are no hard feelings whatsoever. I’m here to serve you and make your life easier, not the other way around.

Call me at 510-418-0856 and mention this $15.00 Amazon gift card when you schedule your free window cleaning quote.

By Monday August 18th your chance for a $15.00 Amazon card with your quote will pass. So be sure to give me a call before August 18th.

I hope I can save you from a frustrating experience trying to find a window cleaner you can trust. And even if I’m not your final choice, I’m happy you’ll at least get to enjoy some free Amazon goodies.

All the best,

PS: Don’t forget that with Five Or Free you are always protected by my 5 Promise Guarantee. If I don’t keep all 5 promises to you, you receive the entire cleaning free.