Your Window Cleaning Is FREE, If I Don’t Keep
These 5 Promises I Make To You Upfront

1st Promise: Your Windows Are Cleaned To Your Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is more than just whether a streak is left on your window, or your windowsills are left gleaming. Cleaning your windows to your satisfaction is also a commitment to you that from the moment we speak over the phone to the moment I step out of your home after cleaning your windows, you’re left with complete peace of mind because your experience with us was totally stress-free.

And this means that if at the end of your cleaning you’re not satisfied with your experience, then you’ll get your window cleaning free. That’s how much I want you to be at peace with our service to you.

2nd Promise: Your Home Left Neat & Tidy – No Mess

If you’re going to have strangers coming in to your house working around your furniture, walking on your carpet, using liquids inside your home, then you expect them to treat your property with care.

And that’s exactly how we work inside your home. Your property is cared for with the utmost attention:

  • Your floor is protected from dirt or soiling because we remove our shoes before entering your home.
  • Your furniture and carpet is kept safe from drips because we cover them with our large canvass drop cloths.
  • Your windowsills and window frames are left dry. You’ll never find small pools or drips of liquid on them.
  • When any of your furniture needs moving to get access to your windows, we’ll move it carefully and replace it exactly as it was once we’re done.

And this isn’t an empty promise, because if you see us not living up to it, point it out to me and you’ll pay nothing for your window cleaning.

3rd Promise: Your Quote Stays As Agreed Upon

Once you agree on a price, that’s how much you’ll pay when your window cleaning is done. No sudden changes. No additional line item fees. Your price stays as it’s been quoted to you.

Even if I completely overlook several windows when I come to provide you with a quote, you will get ALL your windows cleaned at the quoted price.

If the job takes longer than I expect, you will still only pay the quoted price.

And if at any point I tell you a different price, then hold me to my promise and you get your window cleaning free.

4th Promise: Your Calls & Emails Returned Within 1 Business Day

How many times have you left a voicemail or emailed a business and you don’t get a reply for days, maybe a week, or even never?

Why should you have to wait until it’s convenient for them to call you back? You’re calling because you need help now, not next week.

And that’s why you’ll always receive a call or email back from me within one day:

  • If you leave a voicemail or email me anytime during business hours, you’ll get a reply that same day.
  • If you leave a voicemail or email me after business hours, you’ll get a reply the very next morning (except on Sundays – my only day off – in which case you’ll get a reply bright and early on Monday).

5th Promise: You’re Not Made To Wait For A Late Arrival

You have work to do, errands to make, kids to drop off. You don’t have time to wait for some flaky guy who doesn’t care about being on time to keep his appointment with you. Your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to accept him wasting your time because he’s “so busy” and he “didn’t realize the time”.

If I ever show up late to your house for an appointment without contacting you first about my delay, then when you meet me at your door, just point to your watch and say, “You’re late”. You just earned yourself a free window cleaning.

Guaranteed To Keep My 5 Promises To You – Or We Clean
Your Windows For Free!

With these 5 Promises…

  1. Your Windows Cleaned To Your Satisfaction
  2. Your Home Left Neat & Tidy – No Mess
  3. Your Quote Stays As Agreed Upon
  4. Your Appointment Call & Emails Returned Within 1 Business Day
  5. You’re Not Made To Wait For A Late Arrival

…you’ll never have to settle with a window cleaner you fear will bamboozle you.

You have difficulties to cope with in your everyday life already. Your window cleaning shouldn’t be an added stress on you.

And that’s why if I fail to live up to my 5 Promises to you, you’ll get your window cleaning free. No argument. Your peace of mind is my highest concern.


As a side note, of the 762 cleanings I’ve done, I’ve only given away 1 free window cleaning. This means you barely have a .001% chance that I won’t live up to my 5 Promises to you.

And if by some freakish chance I break any of my 5 Promises to you, I’d not hesitate to give you your window cleaning for free. It serves me right for causing you any headache, and not keeping my promise.


And you don’t have to take my word for how much I care about the well being of my customers. You can read below what customers say about me in their own words:

Alexis built trust from our initial phone discussion, email communication, estimate, and during the time that he and his excellent crew cleaned our windows. My husband and I agree that our experience with Alexis and his company was one of the best we’ve ever had with the many contractors that we’ve hired over the years.

– Jennifer Erdem, Alameda CA

We’ve used Five or Free 3 times now to clean our windows […] I really like that the owner, Alexis and his co-worker, who has been with him for years, are the ones who do the job. You have to feel comfortable letting someone in your home and they are fantastic! I will only use them to do our window cleaning from here on out.

– Lori Lynch, Danville CA

I was so impressed with Five or Free Window Cleaning that it’s actually renewed my faith in small business/contractors. Alexis got back to me immediately, which is not always done. He stood by his promises, and that was such a pleasure to witness! I have absolutely no complaints or concerns in recommending him. Alexis has a wonderful work ethic, which is not always observed in small or larger businesses.

– Denise Sakuda, Fremont CA

Here’s An Easy Challenge To You.
It’ll Save You So Much Headache

Maybe you’re not convinced of my sincerity because you’ve been promised so much from so many businesses before, only to be let down. You’re hesitant. It’s understandable.

You’re looking for a window cleaner you can trust to treat you the way you want. You’re under no obligation to anyone but yourself to pick the window cleaner who best suits your needs. You deserve the best.

So then here is my small challenge to you:

Read my Yelp reviews. Browse my website. See what I’m offering you…THEN pick up the phone and call me.

Here’s where you’ll get to see whether I really live up to all I say.

Do I answer your call?
Do I return your voicemail?
How do I speak to you?
Am I rushing you to schedule your cleaning?
Am I answering your questions?
Am I confusing?

You’re under no obligation to schedule your window cleaning with me.
This is your time to test me out without committing to a thing.

Ask me to provide you with a quote. It’s free. And best of all you get to see firsthand how I operate, and you don’t have to decide on anything. Find out if I’m really all I say I’ll be for you.

For A Limited Time, Simply Call Me Out For A Free Quote
And You Get A Special Gift. It’s Yours No Strings Attached.

Because I’m so passionate about saving you the stress of ever living through a rotten window cleaning experience, I’m giving you this special gift so you can at least try me out with a free quote and see for yourself how much your peace of mind means to me.

Thru Monday August 18th when you call to schedule your free quote, you’ll receive a special gift. Whether you choose to have me clean your windows or not, the gift is yours.

Look at it this way, if you already plan on getting a window cleaning quote, why not at least gain a free gift with it? No strings attached.

So click here and find out what your gift is for just asking me to drop by and give you a quote.

All the best,

PS: Remember the gift is yours whether you use me for your window cleaning or choose another window cleaner.