Don’t Replace Your Graffiti-Ruined Storefront Windows!

by Alexis Munoz on July 30, 2011

Try to replace a glass door or an 8’x10′ storefront window ruined by acid-based graffiti and you’re looking at no less than $2,500 to $3,000. If you have a corner shop or a store with more than one such window and they’re etched by ruinous graffiti, you’re now looking at nearly $10,000 to fix this problem with no guarantee that their replacement won’t be ruined soon after.

So do you end up surrendering the fight against blight or should you find a more economical way to continue fighting, and accepting the cost of this fight as the price of doing business in that part of town that is under siege when night falls?

What if you could get rid of graffiti and restore your existing windows to their original condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing them?

There is a way and I’m looking into possibly providing you with this service. But first I’d like to hear from you about it. So give me a call and let me know your thoughts on it. See the video below for all that is involved in giving you this solution. It’s work that I think I can do for you, if you’re interested.

Call me at 510-418-0856 to discuss how I can remove your graffiti from your storefront windows.

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